For as long as I can remember, I have been ripping pages out of magazines if I like even one little thing on the page. When I was a kid, I would rip pages out of my favorite celebrities so I could copy their hair style. As I have grown older, my pages are more about great gift ideas, house ideas, and recipes. I have binders categorized and full of other people's great ideas. So, after several friends have used my binders to come up with hostess gifts, birthday party ideas and so on, I decided to share my favorite findings with you.

Every week a new theme will be featured with 5-7 great gift ideas.  Most gifts will be under $30.  A giveaway of one of the gifts featured will also be held once a week.

* I have not reviewed or purchased all products mentioned. Most are products that I have seen and thought would make great gifts. Please make sure you read about a product from the product's website before making a purchase. Any dissatisfaction with the product needs to be taken up with the manufacturer or place where you purchased. Some products mentioned are an affiliate program.